100M RG59 Coax Cable (Code: )

100M RG59 Coax Cable

No more Knots or Twisted Cable - Supported by Internal Heavy Duty Cable Caddy - Pulls out Smoothly & Easily - Heavy Duty Waxed Cardboard Box - Reversed Metre Marked - Internal Reel can be removed - Strengthened Carry Handles both Ends - Pay TV Approved - Available in 100m Roll
RG-59/U is a specific type of coaxial cable, often used for low-power video and RF signal connections. The cable has a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms.
RG-59 is often used at baseband video frequencies, such as composite video. It may also be used for broadcast frequencies, but its high-frequency losses are too high to allow its use over long distances; in these applications, RG-6 is used instead.
RG-59 coaxial cable is commonly packed with consumer equipment, such as VCRs or digital cable/satellite receivers.

Price: 60.00 AUD
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