24dB Masthead Amplifier (Code: KMD24FS)

24dB Masthead Amplifier

24dB Masthead Amplifier optimised for Digital TV                   

Featuring the same quality Australian design and performance that has become synonymous with the Kingray brand, this new "KM Series" of masthead amplifiers brings you clear Digital (and analogue) TV reception for a more affordable price than previous models. A completely revised PCB design with advanced surface mount technology has allowed these new models to pack all the same performance and features into a much smaller package. Each unit features a shielded case, weather resistant UV stabilised outdoor plastic housing, adjustable gain controls, combined or separate antenna inputs (allowing either a combination VHF/UHF or separate VHF and UHF antenna inputs), and F-type connections. Two models available, with instructions and power supply included.
KMD24FS 24dB Masthead Amplifier optimised for Digital TV

• Input filtering rejects VHF Band 1, to optimise digital TV reception.

• Combined or separate antenna inputs

• Replacement power supply 17AC 300ma

• 3 year warranty


• Frequency range: VHF 174-230MHz, UHF 520-820MHz

• Max gain: VHF 15dB, UHF 24dB

• Gain control: VHF 10dB, UHF 10dB

• Noise figure: VHF <3dB, UHF <2.5dB

• Max output: 108dB @ -60dB IMR (DIN45004B)

•  Supply voltage: 17.5VAC

LT-3254 KMD24FS

Price: 60.00 AUD
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